About Senvoy

Senvoy, LLC was established in March 1999 and immediately became one of the largest expedited delivery services in the region - capturing market share from a variety of competitors and creating new services for several major customers.


Our staff is dedicated to reacting quickly when an issue arises. We pride ourselves in working with our customers proactively, analyzing ways to stop problems before they can affect a shipment. We’re not just “thinking outside the box,” we’re thinking all about the box.

Our customer service goals:

  • First and foremost, an unwavering commitment to our customers
  • A pride in being the absolute best at what we do – judging ourselves not against the competition, but against ourselves.
  • Forging relationships with customers on a personal level
  • Fulfilling and maintaining, if not exceeding, all expectations for each customer


Senvoy has assembled some of the most talented management and operations personnel in the industry, most of whom have been together in the field since 1991. Our teams’ combined experience ranges from courier driving to operational systems design, from dispatch to logistics management, and from customer service representation to client management. We’ll be happy to provide bios of our team.


Let us prove our performance. We’re confident that you will be impressed. Hesitant to convert all of your business to us initially? No problem, we understand. Compare our service abilities against your current provider by allowing us to handle a small portion of your work. Many clients begin service with just a few daily pick ups and deliveries per week, and then increase service volume over time. Your first step? Open an account now!

Establishing a service relationship is simple – our implementation team works with you and the appropriate departments to ensure a seamless transition from your existing service to Senvoy. From the initial sales introduction and account analysis phase, to account set-up and final hand-off to the operations group, our experienced team will be actively involved throughout the entire process.

Contact our Sales Department at 503-234-7722 or toll free at 1-866-3SENVOY.