Senvoy Continues to Grow

Senvoy began operations in Portland, Oregon in March of 1999, after owner Jerry Brazie, having spent years in the courier industry, decided he had a better plan. The goals: better organization, commitment to customers, and attention to service.

From those first days of moving title company work within the Portland Metro Area, Senvoy has grown exponentially. We built our foundational route system base with financial, real estate and payroll deliveries, and then began growing the company from there. We now specialize in work for a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Supply
  • Auto Parts
  • Lab Sample Processing
  • Wholesale Food Distribution
  • Janitorial Supply
  • Retail Store Bulk Product Supply
  • and many more….

To build the company’s service capabilities even further, we purchased Turbo D’Livery in 2006, allowing us to grow our truck fleet and expand our freight services to handle:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Straight Truck Routed & On-Demand Services
  • Pack & Ship Programs
  • Bulk Freight Shipping
  • Warehousing & Inventory Management
Grow with us!

In 2008, we again expanded with the purchase of local Portland courier, PRONTO!, introducing Senvoy services to an even wider range of area customers.

Throughout these expansions, what has allowed us to thrive is our continual focus on raising the bar on how the courier industry operates. This means commitment to Technology, People and Service.

With the sensitivity of our customers’ deliveries, we know that by staying on the cutting edge of technology, we can better control security, timing and tracking of their orders.

With commitment to training and depth of experience in our industry, our people are key to understanding what our customers need and expect from us, and making sure that we deliver on those expectations 100%.

And finally, service…without constantly striving to provide the best service possible, we would not find ourselves in the industry-leading position we now hold. Our philosophy is simple…Customer Service is not a department…it’s an attitude.