The History of Senvoy

Senvoy began operations in Portland, Oregon in March of 1999, after owner Jerry Brazie, having spent years in the courier industry, decided he had a better plan. The goals: better organization, commitment to customers, and attention to service.

That first office had two phones, two computers, a dot matrix printer and we communicated with drivers via 2-way radios. Jerry loves to tell the story of sitting in the office ready to take orders…that first day, the phone rang four times. Two of those calls were from Jerry’s mom, Millie!

The first week saw us complete 10 orders. Today, three office upgrades later, and in our own building, Senvoy is the largest independent, locally-owned courier company in the Pacific Northwest. We provide service to over 120 cities every day in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, but can assist with any delivery throughout the country, or the world, through our network of contacts throughout the industry.

Open 24/7/365, we now move 20,000 items through our warehouse every day, utilizing our network of over 250 drivers and Senvoy base personnel.

We’ve come a long way from two phones and mom calling twice a day.

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