Senvoy Specialty Industry Services

Real Estate Industry

One of the foundations of our company, we move work for title companies, mortgage brokers, county recording offices, interoffice mail, postal mail, client gift baskets and more!

Banking Courier and Distribution Services

Handling large, mid-sized, and community banks, as well as credit unions, Senvoy designs customized programs to meet the very diverse needs of financial institutions. Some of this includes moving interbranch mail – often managing materials from nightly pick up to fine-sort to morning delivery, time-sensitive transactional activity to processing centers, deposit services, supplies transport, and materials storage.

Medical and Laboratory Testing Industries

This includes pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, home medical equipment, lab samples – just a small sample of the work we move as the largest courier servicing the medical industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Bulk Distribution

Senvoy has resources to move products from a diverse range of businesses! Some of these include auto parts, framing supplies, library books, janitorial supplies, construction supplies and even food products like cheesecake!

Replacement Driver Services

Our staff is available anytime to replace your vacationing or unexpectedly absent drivers! For the day, the week, or the month – with as little as an hours’ notice! Let us supplement your own fleet – typically at significantly lower costs – providing enhanced capability and flexibility to your own driving team.

Whatever your needs, Senvoy can help.

Senvoy Specialty Services